At Norbury Park Sawmill we provide a range of timber services and products designed predominantly for the building, restoration and specialist trades.

The Saws

We operate two industry leading saws in the yard. The largest is a diesel powered Forester 150, which cuts trunks up to 6ft in diameter and 32 ft in length.

The second saw is a state-of-the-art electric (3 phase) Wood-Mizer LT70. This is our workhorse saw which, in the hands of our highly skilled Sawyer, accuarately cuts timbers to specific dimensions.

Sawn Timber

We stock a variety of sustainably sourced English timbers "in the round" including Oak, Western Red Cedar, Larch and Douglas Fir. 

In addition to our green timber we also stock a limited selection of air-dried English timbers including, Oak, Pippy Oak, Brown Oak,  Elm, Yew and Beech.

We saw timber to order, to customers' specific dimensions, please email us your cutting list.

Sawn Timber Plus

As well as Sawn Timber, we also provide some added value features. We can plane all, or part, of your timber order. If your order includes posts, we can add weather caps which are typically one, two or four way.

Milling Services

Timber milling services are available for customers who supply their own trees. We are always happy to discuss and suggest the most effective and productive way to cut your timber.

Milling is charged by the hour and should a blade be damaged by foreign material in a customer’s timber, a charge will be made for re-sharpening or blade replacement, as necessary.

Please email us to discuss your milling requirements.

We regret that due to space limitations, we are unable provide storage facilities for customer timber. 

Waney Edge Boards

Our Waney Edge boards are 20mm thick and available with one waney and one straight edge, or two waney edges. We cut the boards in random lengths between 1.8 and 4.2m and widths between 150 and 300mm.

We normally stock these in Western Red Cedar and cut Oak and Larch to order.

Feather Edge Boards

These boards are mainly used for fencing or cladding buildings. They are available in Green Oak, Western Red Cedar or Larch. We cut to order in a variety of widths and lengths. Board widths are usually between 100 and 200mm, and either 4-18mm or 6-23mm thick.

Cedar Shingles

We supply sawn Cedar Shingles made from Western Red Cedar. The shingles are cut to a standard size - approximately 330mm x 140mm.

Sawmill by-products

At NPWP we not only source our timber as locally as possible to reduce our "log miles" and the impact of transportation on the environment, we also strive use every part of the timber. In order to achieve these objectives we sell a range of by-products. Availability of these by-products may be seasonal and will depend on the type of timber being used at any given time. The charge for these products primarily reflects the cost of processing, packaging and storing.

Workshop Offcuts.  These are a mixture of timbers, predominantly Green English Oak, sold in large "one ton" builders bags. This timber will require further drying if it is to be used as firewood.

Oak Slabwood. These are long (typically 4-5m) offcuts produced when “squaring” logs, and are sold in large bundles. Customers will need a large flat-bed lorry or trailer to collect. The slabwood will require sawing, spliting and drying before use as firewood.

Wood Wool. These are fine strands of Western Red Cedar, produced when cutting cross grain. It is traditionally used for packing china and other breakable items.

Oak Sawdust. This is uncontaminated sawdust, and can be used, amongst other things, for smoking fish or cheese. Sawdust from other varieties of timber is available from time to time.

Workshop Extraction Shavings.  These are shavings from mixed timbers and are available in large "one ton" builders bags. A typical use is for horse stables.